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Photos, Slides and Negative to Digital

Photo Scanning Service

Photographs are a great way to document the precious moments in our lives. Over the years most would have accumulated hundreds of photograph now stored away in Albums. Accessing them can be cumbersome and inconvenient. Moreover photographs age and lose the lustre with the passing of time. They are exposed to the environment and get damaged with use. Digitising your photographs ensures that they will remain at their current state for you and your family to enjoy and are preserved for future generations.

photos to DVD or USB

Digitised versions of your photos

  • Copy easily at no cost. Share with friends and family at home and anywhere in world.
  • Can be imported to photographic software to edit and enhance
  • Do not deteriorate or get damaged
  • Can be viewed in numerous devices including PCs, phones, smart devices, digital frames
  • Can easily store 1000s of photographs in a single DVD or USB device

We can scan your photographs and transfer on to DVD or USB. While processing your photographs we will also remove simple singular blemishes free of charge. The scanned photographs could be saved as most image file formats, including those listed below.


tiff icon TIFF files can be saved in a variety of colour formats (RGB, CMYK, LAB, or Indexed colour) and in various forms of compression. Uncompressed TIFF is desirable as it retains image integrity and clarity. TIFF is compatible with almost all image-editing applications and widely accepted in printing business.


jpeg icon Digital cameras and web pages normally use JPEG files. JPEG is compressed in a way that loses some of the image detail during the compression. The small file size makes the format useful in many applications.


pdf icon PDFs are platform-independent documents that captures formatting information from a variety of desktop publishing applications, making it possible to send formatted documents and have them appear on the recipient's monitor or printer as they were intended.


png icon PNG is the generally used for images with some text, or line art. Given that it also supports transparency it is the preferred image format for web graphs, logos, plain images.

Slide and Negative Scanning Service

photo slides and negatives

We are also able to digitise your slides and negatives. These require to be enlarged to an acceptable size (usually x5). The magnification also magnifies whatever blemishes and imperfection that maybe present in the slide or negative. Thus to have presentable photos some post scan processing is usually required. We do just that as part of our slides and negatives scanning service.