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Altec Conversion Services offers an affordable service to transfer your VHS and 8mm video cassette tapes to digital formats, DVD and USB. We can also digitise your photo prints, slide and negatives and transfer them to DVD or USB. Other services provided include, audio cassette to mp3, dvd photo slideshows and photo editing.

Most of us documented the moments in our lives in video tapes and photographs. They allow us to revisit special events in the past and give us something tangible to share with the future generations. However, analogue tapes and photographic prints do not remain as they are. They deteriorate with time until they become unusable. Why not take the opportunity to utilise our services while you can. With the specialised equipment and software we can convert your tapes and photographs to a digital format that is most appropriate to you. This ensures that your priceless memories remain intact for you to enjoy and to be passed on to generations to come.

Digital video and image files are

Permanent - Do not deteriorate
Easily copied - share with family and friends virtually at no cost
Accessible - Viewing is much easier.
Versatile - Lightweight and mobile. Can be viewed in many devices and transferred via the internet.