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DVD Photo Slideshows

We also offer photo slideshow creation service, where you can present your photographs and video clips in a more professional and appealing manner. Our creative software allows us to bring your pictures to life with panning & zooming effects. Various transition effects makes the changeover of pictures from one to the next dynamic and seamless. Accompanying background music to suit the mood of the content enhances the experience for everyone watching. There are number occasions and scenarios where photo slideshows could be used, not just limited to those listed below.

dvd photo photo slideshow samples

Tribute / Memorial Slideshow

We can create a photo slideshow to celebrate the life of a loved one that has passed way. Music of your choice, perhaps the deceased favourite songs, to accompany the photographs would also be added as standard. It is often the case that photo/video slideshows are played during some stage of the funeral proceedings. Or you just want something tangible to evoke our memories of their life. Photo slideshows we produce can easily be duplicated to share with family and friends.

Anniversary, Birthday Photo Slideshow

Why not create a montage of photographs to present at someone Birthday or Anniversary. You could show someone as they grow up and progression of couples relationship from initial meeting to marriage, children etc.. Befitting music accompaniment to enhance the viewing experience could also be included.

Celebrations and Special Events

You may have a number photograph taken of a birthday celebration, anniversary or another special event. Rather than looking at them in a cumbersome album or messy pile of photographs, convert them into professional looking sideshow. Reliving those moments is as simple as clicking a button. With the addition of music and special effects the experience will be more enhanced.

Holidays and Travel

Creative slideshows are a great way to show a compilation of your holiday and travel photos. Photos and video clips of places visited, people seen and adventures had can be shown with flare and style with one of our slideshow productions.


Bring life and movement to your wedding photos with a dynamic photo slideshow, particularly those in pre camcorder era. Entertaining, concise, clean, a totally different viewing experience.

The slideshows we create are saved as video files that can be transferred to DVD or USB (or both). Funeral halls or events venues may only facilitate playing video from a particular medium (DVD or USB) and accept a specific file type. By default we produce slideshow video in MP4 and PAL DVD, but we can convert to most other types if requested.