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Audio Cassette to Digital and Photo Editing

Audio Cassette to mp3 / Cassette to CD or DVD

audio cassette to digital

You still got your cassette tape collection in storage somewhere. Want listen to them but the process seems inconvenient, messy and difficult. Not sure if the tape player still functions. If you were to digitise your tapes you can have all your music in one convenient storage device USB or CD/DVD.

Digital audio files are:

  • Easy to copy
  • Listen to in a range of devices - mp3 players, iPhones, iPads, PC, DVD
  • Lightweight / portable
  • Everlasting - Digital files do not degrade with time
  • Editable with audio software

Video/Audio Discs to USB

audio cassette to digital

There are many benefits of having your video or audio content in a USB device, whether it is a flash drive, external hard drive or even a SD card. Files can be easily copied and shared. If you want edit your videos or upload them to the internet it is handy to have your files in a widely supported format such as MP4 or MPEG2. DVD often get scratched and damaged with regular use and may become unreadable. Transferring your videos to USB ensures their safe keeping. DVDs particularly in large quantities can be bulky and cumbersome. USB devices are light weight and portable, could contain video content of 100s of DVDs. They also enable you view your videos in other devices such as tablets, smart phones or smart TVs. We are able to transfer video (or audio) content from most discs types: DVD, CD, VCD, mini disc, dual layer discs, blu ray, etc.

Video Extraction and Recovery

audio cassette to digital

Within our DVD collection we may encounter discs that appear to contain recordings but computer or DVD player indicates an 'empty disc'. It could be due to the disc not being finalised. Disc finalisation is a process that must be completed by the recording device so that other devices can read content on the disc. Fortunately, even if the recording device is currently unavailable, it is possible that recover all video content in the disc. As long as there is no physical damage to disc itself the video content can be converted to USB or DVD. Presence of data corruption which makes discs partly or completely unplayable may also be recoverable and usable parts converted to USB or DVD.

We can also extract video from hard disk drive recording devices such as camcorders and HDD recorders. Particularly beneficial in situations where the devices content output mechanism (e.g. DVD recorder, firewire, USB) does not function or is impractical to use. It is always worthwhile to backup your important videos in case of data corruption or device failure. As long as devices the files system is intact and playable we should able to extract your videos and convert them to USB or DVD. Similar principle applies to audio and photos stored in your recording devices.

Photo Editing

photo editing window
  • Cropping
  • Straightening, perspective correction
  • File format conversion / resizing
  • Object, subject and background removal (or replacement)
  • Object / subject extraction